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With the technology of 3D printing people can create some of the most amazing objects which will be useful and at the same time will be quite enjoyable. Here are some of the examples of such wonderful creations made by the use of this latest printing technology available in the market.

Acoustic Guitar:

The first creator of such kind of guitar is Scott Summi. However, after his amazing creation the technology become quite popular. With this technology the guitars can be created with plastic which will be covered with metallic sound hole and the heel joints. So, besides guitarists being able to make their own instrument for playing they can also replicate the guitar of their favorite guitarists. Rock out like the stars – all thanks to 3D printing.

Camera Lens:

It’s really amazing to think that a critical thing like camera lens can also be prepared by the technology of 3D printing. With this lens you will be able to get some of the most unique results. However, the 3D printed handmade lens uses acrylic is in place of the glass. Some of the other small parts are added. The best thing is that with such kind of camera the pictures are already unique depending on the type of lens you print. You will be amazed to see the picture quality given by these lenses.

Heddle Loom:

If you know about weaving fabric then you will be able to create the heddle loom if you have a 3D printer at home. The whole thing will be installed and kept together by the help of the screws. It will make the history classes much more interesting when you will be able to see some of the tools which were used in various ages to prepare various industrial things.

Make 3D printing of children drawing:

If your child draws a lot then 3D printing will have unlimited fun with his or her imagination. With 3D printing technology you will be able to make drawing a 3D craft which will be much more enjoyable than just crayons. A colorful picture drawn by your child will become a real object and a work of art. It will also become a toy or gift that he or she has created. You can also use that object to decorate their bedroom.

The latest technology of 3D printing and the filament used in it will give you opportunity to create amazing things – the only limit is your imagination.